Curse of Kalarel

2nd Game

Still Keep on the Shadowfell, still 4th edition rules

Hi everyone.

Another successful game.

Our fearless party of Asbestana, BrĂșnhelga, Trallian and Drogo (also Splug) began by trying to gain more information. Asbestana cast her incredibly perceptive eye over the note found on the Elf that was killed in the graveyard and was able to determine that the passphrase mentioned (“in the ground, some magic was found”) was written by a different hand to rest of the note. Having done that, it became important to check out the pub. They asked around about the name Kalarel (the person who sent the note ordering the players deaths to the Elf). Valthruun the Prescient the prescient had heard of the name in relation to death cults, but didn’t know any more information. This didn’t stop our plucky heroes however – they decided to intimidate him into revealing more information. Unfortunately they didn’t get any more info, and the rest of the village became angered at the sight of 4 heavily armed thugs threatening an old man. They smoothed things over by buying a round of drinks for everyone in the tavern.

They decided to investigate the nearby temple for more information. Drogo determined that the best path of attack was to climb onto the roof (Whilst the rest of the team hid in the bushes) and look for a way in up there. Unfortunately he slipped and fell and a guard spotted him. He was unable to convince the guard that he was just there to fix the roof. The guard decided to let him go (he is one of the heroes who have been helping the town) as long as he stays away from the temple. Our intrepid adventurers then sent Asbestana to try the front door, which Drogo managed to unlock. Drogo then bravely hid in the bushes whilst Asbestana rifled through the temple for more information. She found an old book that had been updated somewhat recently; it detailed that the keep once belonged to an ancient empire that has long since fallen. It was built on top of a shadow rift, which is said to drive people near it mad. It went on to detail the last known commander of the keep – sir Keegan. According to the book, Keegan went mad and slaughtered the inhabitants of the keep (starting with his wife and child) before the towns garrison were finally able to slay him. Since then the keep fell into ruin quite literally when an earthquake caused the above ground parts of it to collapse. Asbestana (being a noble adventuring sort) decided to pocket the book and the team left for the keep (with Splug in tow).

Back in the keep, our heroes were trying to determine the location of a secret door (hinted at by Splug) when they accidentally stumbled into an excavation site guarded by some goblins and drakes. A fierce battle ensued where Asbestana proved her worth by killing most of her foes and Drogo earned a new nickname ‘Drogo the coward’. Splug showed great valour by leaping onto a drakes back and riding it around sticking it with the little dagger the adventurers had given him. After the battle, Trailian was struck by his gruesome compulsion and took several Drakes teeth, paws and goblin skins. He thought the skins may come in handy. In the mess around the site, our heroes discovered some gold and a +1 holy symbol. At this point Melhalvir the wizard turned up to help.

Whilst trying to determine what was down another path, the adventurers found the original secret door they had been looking for. This led to the bedchamber of Balgrom the Fat (the goblin in charge of the first level of the keep) where they found him sleeping. Drogo and Trailian essentially murdered him before he could wake. Then they skinned him. And Drogo put on his skin like a suit. Drogo was able to succesfully fool some goblins into thinking he was their leader, but eventually the disguise fell through and another battle began. Upon completion, the team discovered more gold and a +1 wand. At this point, Asbestana and Trailian had to leave to recuperate.

The remaining adventurers decided to investigate the dank cavernous area. After occasionally hearing some noises they were accosted by giant rats dropping on their heads. They dispatched them with ease, when they came upon a strange creature known as an ochre jelly. This proved a fearsome battle as when they had based it enough it split into two! The fight ended when Splug landed a killing blow on the second jelly. After this they investigated an old door that had a note on it reading “STAY OUT. REALLY”. Splug was fearful of the door, so our heroes determined it was best to return to town. In order to allow Splug to move more freely through the town, our adventurers skinned the rats and fashioned a thick coat for him to wear, thus hiding his creepy goblin appearance. They arrived back in winterfell.


In town they bullied Valthruun the Prescient some more. He had more information; apparently Kalarel has been the name of the head of a death cult dedicated to Orcus (demon prince of the undead) over many generations (it’s almost a title). He stated if there is news of Kalarel this is incredibly bad and someone must stop him. Drogo tried to convice Valthruun the Prescient that they had already defeated the death cult, but Valthruun the Prescient didn’t seem to believe him. He said he would believe it when he had his (Kalarels) head. Apparently unfazed by the terrifying looming dread, our plucky band of noble adventurers then attempted to steal 2 potions of healing from the local shop. Their bungled attempts to trick him only led to him calling the town guard to get them to leave. As an attempted peace offering, they bought a potion of healing (but he still kicked them out). BrĂșnhelga suggested they burn down the shop. They then attempted to gain access to the siege supplies, but were unable to pick the lock on the door. BrĂșnhelga suggested they burn down the siege supplies. They then went back to pub and attempted to repair their relationship with the shopkeeper by sending over some ale. It was sent back. They then sent some ale and a wench. Both were returned. Finally they had Splug take some ale over. He returned without the ale. They weren’t sure who drank it though.

Thus ended the second session of the campaign.

What will happen next time on… Dungeons and Dragons! (cue ending music to Quantum Leap)


First game in Farnborough…

2nd Game

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