Curse of Kalarel

6th Game

Still no notes on facebook. Argh. Why did I stop doing them for a while? Probably first game of the stuff I came up with

I suck. Mike must have levelled because I was giving him options for his new spells.
Basically the party got kicked out of Winterhaven. Everyone was getting angrier and angrier around them, They felt that the tattoos were to blame somehow.

They meandered around the map for a bit and went to a small fishing village. There tehy bought a pig called Oinker, but left it with the farmer under strict instructions that it could not be eaten. They took a boat closer to the town that they knew a wise sage named Sheldon Lon was in. When they got there they found the town was under siege and did a couple of quests to help with that. I think at the end they had secured a hidden route out of the castle and were heading towards the church where Sheldon was resting…



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