Curse of Kalarel

7th Game

Actually started posting notes again. Also this was at Mikes house

So that game went well and not entirely as I’d expected.

Upon arriving at the church they found that there was one group of orcs trying to bash in the front door, while a smaller group of goblins were trying to set fire to the back door. Brúnhelga bravely strode up and blinded the most powerful guy at the back door, then Mythos (from inside the church) blew the doors open, knocking the enemies back and allowed the rest of the party to mop them up. Having gained entrance, our heroes decided to not just make for the keep with the townsfolk who had been trapped inside – they were going to teach their enemies a lesson. Melhalvir hatched a plan to open the front door just as the orcs were striking it with a battering ram; the unexpected lack of resistance allowed the party to get the drop on the enemies and wipe them out before they had a chance to react.
Meanwhile Brúnhelga had decided to stand guard at the back gate (she refused to enter the church) and terrified the townsfolk into not leaving – a good choice as it turned out there was another group of enemies patrolling who would have carved the townsfolk up very quickly. Upon spotting them she alerted the rest of the party who were able to rush over and our heroes were able to take care of the enemies quickly.
After some tense words between the Cleric of the church (Paen Glimmertail) and Brúnhelga the party returned to the keep with the unconscious Sheldon Lon (the sage they had gone there to talk to) in tow. Some investigation revealed that he was in a magical sleep; one that seemed to be fueled by the magic of the person it had been applied to; a fact borne out by his slumber appearing to deepen when approached by Melhalvir or Mythos.
Before they could investigate further a cry went up from outside. A bronze dragon was heading to the keep! However as it flew in an enormous bugbear sent an arrow flying towards it that burst in a cloud of smoke. When the dragon flew through the smoke, it suddenly dipped in the air as if there was something wrong. It turned and fled (while Gruffjaw AKA uncle Erny muttered ‘Malnazek! No!’).
All of this was disconcerting to Mythos who had specifically traveled to FarnHam as he had heard tales of a dragon in the area. His elation (and rock hard erection) turned to sadness and then rage when it was hurt.
The bugbear revealed his name was Zaark and that he was done with his attack on the town. He had some prisoners that he didn’t want; a pregnant woman, one teenage boy and two children. He challenged the keeps greatest warrior to single combat for the prisoners lives. Mythos was fuming and would have accepted, but he had used many spell slots. A young human named Tom Margath volunteered to fight as it was his sister and nephews that the bugbear had captured. It was agreed that he was weak-sauce though and that Iaini was the greatest warrior there so he bravely accepted the challenge. Brúnhelga decided that this wasn’t her fight and stayed in the keep to get a manicure.
As a sign of good faith, Zaark released the 3 children but kept the woman and the fight began. Iaini seemed to be holding his own. Then it all degraded into what will be known as ‘ The Farnham Debacle’.
Mythos was still fully enraged about the attack on the dragon and waded into the fight, casting spells. Zaark screamed for his minions to kill the prisoners. Unfortunately the children had stayed near the arena to see what happened in the fight and were cut down. Melhalvir reacted as everything had gone to hell and joined in the battle against the enemies nearby. Drogo valiantly raced in, saving the woman and her brother (Tom was watching the fight and was about to rush in). Unfortunately everything happened too fast for Gruffjaw to know who did what and he verbally assaulted the entire party. Drogo (understandably as he’d done nothing but save innocents) did not react well to this and responded in kind. Melhalvir had had enough of being accused of wrongdoing so prepared his arcane powers to do battle with the defenders of FarnHam also. An argument raged between Mythos and Gruffjaw. Brúnhelga had finished her manicure by this time and seeing what was about to enfold proclaimed that she would stand by the defenders of FarnHam. Battle lines were drawn up, initiative was rolled… … but the fight didn’t happen. Our heroes agreed to leave town with the unconscious Sheldon.
As this is another town where the heroes are not welcome any more, they left town. We decided the ending music should be the theme tune to the littlest hobo.

Couple of things:
- I should have made the party roll an insight check as to whether they thought Zaark was being honest about letting the people go (if you’d rolled high enough you would have known for sure that he was going to deal honestly)
- The woman Drogo rescued should have died – I should have stated that the enemies guarding her had readied an action (they didn’t manage to kill her because it wasn’t their turn when Mythos waded into the fight. As I hadn’t said they had readied an action I didn’t think it was fair for them to be able to just cut her down)
- I should have put waaaaay more minis out for that final fight; in reality the circle would have been heavily surrounded by people but I didn’t think anyone would actually involve themselves in a way that couldn’t be talked out of. Again it wouldn’t have seemed fair to pop a bunch more people into existence after the fight broke out
- I think we should make a couple of changes to some of the characters traits – things like Mythos should have more words around how much he loves dragons, Melhalvirs should mention how he doesn’t like being judged (I’m thinking something like how Marty McFly cannot take someone calling him chicken).
- I think I’m going to go back to the old style character sheets. The new ones make it easier for me to build characters (so I will keep them separately) but I think that there’s too much information on them that is difficult to find when playing. The older ones were faster for actual play.

Oh also for better or worse you guys did complete the quest in FarnHam, so you all get another 100 quest completion experience points each. Oddly enough this is the right amount to bump Aris and Iain to level 4 (so we don’t have to stop the next game half way to level you guys). I’ll probably get you to roll some dice the next time I see you for your level up hit points. We can also chat about anything else you get for leveling up.

Anyway – a good game (even if it wasn’t what I planned – this is actually a good thing :P). See y’all soon and we can work out when to do it again.



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