Curse of Kalarel

8th Game

Just realised I forgot to post the game synopsis the other night:

In the wake of the Farnham Debacle all the members of the party walked out of town in silence until they got to a T-junction in the road where they tried to decide where they were going to go now.
They realised that they should probably try to help Sheldon, so set off for Jewelspar (the capital city of Hoff, the continent that they are on).

It was an uneventful journey. When they arrived, they went straight to the new hospital Bobblethwaites Health Emporium. There they met Doctor Beat who is a progressive physician attempting to further the field of non-magical healing. He confirmed that it appeared magical had a detrimental affect on waking up Sheldon Lon and said that he needed to run more tests. Drogo elected to stay the night to keep watch over Sheldon while the rest of the party would secure lodgings in town.
The party identified two local Inns that they could stay the night in: The Sussex Arms and the Prince of Whales. They elected for the latter. After meeting the barmaid Loocat Mahboobs they spent some time in the bar and heard some rumours about various other locations (reports of oddness in Mistyvale, there appears to be bandit trouble on the road to Candlekeep). They also met an odd gentleman with a squinting eye who tried to draw them into a conversation about ghosts. They ignored him. In the hospital Drogo kept the patients entertained and passed the night without incident.
The next morning they returned to the hospital but were told they needed to wait until the afternoon for the test results. As such they had a bit of free time in town.
Drogo and Mythos went to seek out any more information on the dragons of the realm and found themselves in the headquarters of the Dragon Fanciers Club (the home of Errol Nottingood). They had a frustrating conversation with him but did glean some info; there are 3 known dragon dens in the world: a bronze, a silver and a gold. They got the exact location of the Bronze lair and a vague location for the others.
(Side note – I really enjoyed this conversation; Aris played it very well. It was perfectly in tone when Errol was explaining different types of dragons and Aris came back with “Yes I know. I am a draconic sorceror”).
Melhalvir went looking for a magic item shop and came across the shop Blumpkins Magical Items, ran by Nicholas Blumpkin. He was looking to buy a more magical arcane focus in the form of a quarterstaff, but could not afford the cost (he haggled the price to 180 GP). A small nervous twitchy man in the shop offered to pay the rest of the cost if Melhalvir would take a cursed scroll from him. Mel told him to fuck off basically.
Brúnhelga went back to the pub where the guy tried to get them talking about ghosts before tried to strike up a conversation again. She hit him to make him go away.

Having had a wonderful shopping experience our plucky heroes went back to get information from the hospital. After paging Doctor Beat they learned that Sheldon appeared to have inhaled some spores from a previously unknown herb. This herb had the odd property of putting the inhalee into a magical sleep that is powered by that persons magic. Doctor Beat stated that he’d need to see the original plant to have a chance of coming up with an antidote. However he’d also expect the sleep to wear off of Sheldon in about a tendays (provided he wasn’t infused with any more magic).

Our heroes decided that since they need him to help with research at Candlekeep and it will take about 10 days to get there they would just travel to the great library and bring him along. However before they set out they decided to have some dinner (our break for chilli).

During dinner at the Prince of Whales they finally gave in and started talking to the chap who wanted to talk about ghosts. Turned out he had acquired a haunted house that was completely resistant to attempts to remove the ghosts (he’d hired several parties of adventurers to slay the ghosts but the ghosts would always return the next day). The house was costing him 2 gold pieces per tenday and he couldn’t afford to keep it, so he pressed the key into their palm and ran away. The party decided to investigate.
The house was actually in a quite nice part of town: 23 Letsbe Avenue. At the door they were greeted by a butler called Wadsworth who invited them in saying that they were expected. It was the house from Cluedo and they had to complete a trial of some form for the murdered inhabitants:
Paladin Vert (they talked him out of attacking them)
Colonel Mustard (they finally helped him understand something from a military mission he’d been on)
Mrs Peacock (who was a thief who stole money from Brúnhelga but they managed to steal it back)
Mrs White (a judge who lamented a previous case where a guilty man had gone free bcause of her hubris)
Professor Plum (who was trying to understand a fiendish riddle that I suspect Aris had heard previously)
Miss Scarlett (who tricked them into freeing her from a cage, then kissed Melhalvir to death. He got better)
Having put the ghosts to rest it transpired that the previous owner of the house (Mr Body) had murdered the other people in an effort to become a lich. Wadsworth had been forced to help in this endeavor but at the last moment had trapped the new lich within a room in the house. The lich had then cast powerful magic to trap all the murdered souls in the house. However it seems the lich had overstreched himself as when they opened the chamber in which it was resting they found an 8 inch high not-very-powerful-any-more undead angry man. Brúnhelga tried to squish it with her mace but missed, then Melhalvir swatted it with a magic missile.

Wadsworth proclaimed them owners of the house and pledged to butle for them as long as needed.

The plan is probably to move on to Candlekeep next, but who knows? After all, it is Glubgar eve and there is magic in the air…



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