Curse of Kalarel

9th Game

Glubgar special

Another Christmas game complete and I think a successful test of using a projector for the play mat. I think this will speed up play in general and avoid the many situations we’ve previously had where I just end up drawing a square room. I will make sure the PC running it doesn’t run out of battery halfway through the final fight next time. This also allows me to have fun building maps in the time between games

The last time we played our heroes(?) had managed to gain a 23 Letsbe Avenue. Their faithful Butler Wadsworth suggested that they shouldn’t make the journey to Candlekeep on Glubgar eve – they should probably take it easy this evening and go to the pub. On the way there they met up with Iaini who sheepishly explained that he couldn’t find the half-orc village so had headed to Jewelspar with the hope of meeting up with them. They continued pubward and had a rowdy time where Brúnhelga got very drunk.
On the way back home they took a shortcut through the park where a strange portal opened up. A jolly looking man wearing red leapt from this portal, hotly pursued by two little christmas elfs. The elves were beating him up. When challenged by the party the elfs shed their skins and revealed themselves as doppelgangers. The party dispatched them handily.
The red clothed man identified himself as Nicholas the Gift Giver and explained that his workshop had been taken over – he needed their help to clear it out. The party wanted to sleep on it and essentially told him they weren’t interested. After a bunch of cajoling (including the promise of 2,000 GP) they finally (and with somewhat bad grace) agreed to help, however they demanded payment up front. Nicholas only had 3.50 gold pieces on him, but that was enough to secure their aid.
In Nicholas’ workshop he explained that the factory had been taken over by the evil GangerD’op (king of the Doppelgangers) for some nefarious purpose. The issue is that the path to Nicholas’ throne room had a security system designed by the The Lunar Puzzlemaker and GangerD’op had modified it. Nicholas equipped them with a rod that would go “ping” when a doppelganger was within 100 feet and sent them off.
In the first room they saw four sub rooms around the area. It was obvious there were people in each room and the rod was pinging. Rather than help the innocent elfs that were there they opted to just move to the next room.
After battling through a few rooms (including fighting evil duplicates of themselves) they found themselves in the throne room of Nicholas. Sitting on the throne was the evil GangerD’op (king of the doppelgangers!) who explained that his evil scheme involved psychically imprinting on the toys that were being delivered that evening. This would allow him to duplicate anyone who came into contact with them (without having to meet the person first). He planned to use this to manipulate himself into power.
At the beginning of the fight he cut off his arm and dropped it in a pool of water. As the water bubbled it spawned lesser doppelgangers that attacked our heroes and healed GangerD’op. Fortunately Drogo realised something was amiss with the pool so partially froze it with a spell. Then Brúnhelga jumped into the pool. She decided to sully the water by shitting in it. (there wasn’t really anything I could do – I made her roll a constitution check to see if she could shit on command and she got a 20). So shit she did and managed to sully the water enough that even fewer doppelgangers could spawn. Cut off from the help he was expecting, GangerD’op was defeated in short order. Before he died he screamed that he had stored part of his body (his “magnum dong”) somewhere else and he would re-grow from that. Magical Armchair had not heard the last of GangerD’op (king of the doppelgangers!).
They enjoyed a nice Glubgar feast with Nicholas (the blancmange was out of this world) and received their payment of 250 gold pieces each. Drogo started looking around for things to steal and Brúnhelga started looking for things to burn so Nicholas teleported them back to their house.
Upon returning to the house (Brúnhelga was still covered in shit) Wadsworth informed them that Mythos had absconded with Drogos broom of flying – apparently he had been talking to Errol Nottingood and had flown off for some dragon related business.
Wadsworth then announced that Drogo and Brúnhelga had two visitors: Gruffjaw Rockhitter and Paen Glimmertail respectively.



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