Sheldon Lon

Human sage that the party is hoping will shed some light on their tattoo's.


Human Monk.


str 8 -1
dex 14 +2
con 8 -1
int 12 +1
wis 16 +3
cha 12 +1

The members of the party that previously lived in FarnHam knew Sheldon as a wise old man; a sage. When they found that the Tattoo’s that they picked up from defeating Kalarel seemed to cause ill effects to those around them they sought him out in FarnHam.

Unfortunately they found FarnHam under siege but managed to rescue him and took them with them. They sought aid at Bobblethwaites Health Emporium in Jewelspar and found that his sleep was powered by his magical energy; he had been affected by some unknown cocktail of herbs that fed on magical power to keep him in a magical sleep.

Figuring that they’d need to do research at Candlekeep with him anyway they sought out the great library with Sheldon in tow. When they arrived they left him in the care of Armani Darling whilst they sought out a rare book so they could get a library card and gain entrance to Candlekeep.

Sheldon Lon

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