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  • 6th Game

    I suck. Mike must have levelled because I was giving him options for his new spells. Basically the party got kicked out of [[Winterhaven]]. Everyone was getting angrier and angrier around them, They felt that the tattoos were to blame somehow. They …

  • 10th game

    Another game completed. Our heroes had just returned to their residence and were informed they had visitors. [[:gruffjaw-rockhitter | Gruffjaw]] had come to see [[:drogo]] and [[:paen-glimmertail | Paen]] had come to see [[:brunhelga]]. [[:drogo]] …

  • 7th Game

    So that game went well and not entirely as I'd expected. Upon arriving at the church they found that there was one group of orcs trying to bash in the front door, while a smaller group of goblins were trying to set fire to the back door. [[:brunhelga]] …

  • Attack on Farnham

    This is covered in [[6th Game | 6th Game]] and [[7th Game | 7th Game]] _"that time we went back to our home town to have a chat with someone and found it completely under siege..."_