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  • Candlekeep

    The head librarian is [[:armani-darling | Armani Darling]].

    The party met one of the [[:candlekeep-guard | guard]]s on their last visit.

    Candlekeep is the largest library in the entire continent of [[Hoff]].

    To get a …

  • Sheldon Lon

    The members of the party that previously lived in [[FarnHam]] knew Sheldon as a wise old man; a sage. When they found that the [[Tattoo]]'s that they picked up from defeating [[:kalarel]] seemed to cause ill effects to those around them they sought him …

  • Armani Darling

    Old elf head of Candlekeep. Loves the team. Recently sent them to find a valuable book so they could get into [[Candlekeep]]. Took in [[:sheldon-lon | Sheldon Lon]] to help him recover