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  • Winterhaven

    Where it all began. Winterhaven is the small town where the party first came (for reasons of their own) to investigate the troubles the locals were having with evil creatures on the roads. Their investigations led them to [[Shadowfell Keep]] and the …

  • Shadowfell Keep

    Shadowfell keep is located near [[Winterhaven]]. Whilst investigating the troubles there the party came across this decrepit structure and deemed it worthy of further investigation; they could sense dark energies emanating from the place. Here they …

  • Valthruun the Prescient

    Vaalthrun helped the party find out some more fragments of information about [[Kalarel]] when he was with them in [[Winterhaven]]. He was always trying to convince them of the significance of what was happening (with little success).

  • Splug

    The party met Splug the goblin when investigating [[Shadowfell Keep]]. After a mixed few encounters the party won his heart and he decided to emulate them by doing good. Is secretly [[:ratman | Ratman]]