Farnham Debacle

After Zaark shot the dragon Malnazek he called off the looting and issued a challenge to those assembled in the keep. He wanted a fair fight with their most powerful warrior or he would murder two children and an unarmed woman. [[:Tom Margeth | Tom Margeth]] (the brother of the woman being threatened) said he would accept, but it was clear that the best choice for the fight would be Iaini. Zaark released the two children, but kept the woman as insurance against anyone else entering the fight. BrĂșnhelga decided to stay inside the keep and get her nails done as she clearly didn’t need to get involved. The rest of the party stayed to watch the fight.

Iaini bravely went into battle and seemed to be holding his own… then Mythos, enraged by the previous attack on the dragon, waged into the fight.

As the two children hadn’t gotten fully away (morbidly they were watching the bloodsport) Tom watched in horror as Zaark cut them down. Drogo reacted swiftly on his magic broom and brought the captured woman to safety. At this point Melhalvir joined the fray and Zaark was swiftly cut down.

However the living members of the town including Gruffjaw were completely enraged at the party members on the field and it looked like the party would have to kill everyone in the town. At this point BrĂșnhelga became an unexpected pinpoint of sanity and talked the party into not committing an atrocity. The party opted to leave town. A stunned Paen realised that maybe she was wrong about BrĂșnhelga all along.

Later on as he went through the events of the evening in his head Gruffjaw came to the conclusion that Drogo was the hero of the event and that he needed to make amends for his poor treatment of him.

Tom was left trying to console his sister and wept over the bodies of his nephews…

Farnham Debacle

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