The parties stronghold is on 23 Letsbe Avenue in the Jewelspar Residential Ward.

They picked the grand old house up from a man in the pub who just wanted to be rid of it as it was costing him too much in tax (10 gold per tenday). Also it was haunted, so he couldn’t live there.

When the party arrived they were met by the ghostly butler Wadsworth. Over the course of the evening they found that the previous tenant, Mr Body had lured some pillars of the community there to murder them. He was using them to turn himself into a lich. Wadsworth however resisted him at the last moment and the whole house was cursed to repeat the same evening for all eternity. Until the party freed them of course. In gratitude, Wadsworth decided to stay on as their butler.

Who knows what other secrets the house holds?

Party gained the stronghold in the 8th Game


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